7 Reasons Why You Need An Ergonomic Chair

7 Reasons Why You Need An Ergonomic Chair

You may have been sitting in the wrong office chair for a long period of time and that same chair could be causing serious health problems unknowingly.

An ergonomic office chair can drastically improve your posture, reduce back pain and ultimately improve productivity.

Reasons Why You Should Switch to Ergonomic Chairs

1. Posture Support

Long hours of sitting in the incorrect posture may cause you to have serious future implications. In serious cases, it can lead to musculoskeletal disorders (MSD) and even pinched nerves in the shoulders, neck and back.

Basic traditional normal chairs lacks basic ergonomics and will not be able to support your back properly. You will likely realise that you tend to lean forward because those chair do not have the correct features to keep your back in a neutral position. With a full-length ergonomic chair, it helps you maintain the natural curve of your back by ensuring your spine does not get into abnormal positions.



2. Enhanced Productivity

How can you concentrate or do your best work when you are uncomfortable? It’s like running or walking with a stone in your shoe; you just can’t. It’s the same when you are seated. We try so many things to make ourselves comfortable such as putting cushions behind our backs or placing our laptops on shoe boxes instead of using adjustable monitor arms


We spend a lot of time throughout our working day adjusting on our office chairs and equipment when they are making us uncomfortable. This eats into our working time and makes us less productive. 

The right office chair can greatly impact the lives of your employees. There have been several completed studies that discovered that choosing office furniture that is both ergonomically designed and comfortable can have a major impact on employee happiness, as well as their productivity. 

By choosing office furniture that is both ergonomically designed and comfortable, you can focus your energy and attention more firmly on your work. This will significantly boost workplace productivity in the long run.


3. Reduces Back and Neck Pain

Lower back pain and neck pain are some of the most common body pains that office workers have to battle with. The best type of ergonomic chair is the one with both neck and lumbar support. Office workers often complain of lower back and neck pain. This is usually because entry level or budget office chairs do not provide the best support when seated for long periods of time. By using an ergonomic chair with lumbar support and headrests, they will be supported at those all-important pressure points.

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4. Reduces Hips Pressure

After the knees, the hip joints bear the most weight in the body. We often take for granted what our hips allow us to do – walk, sit and stand with our weight evenly distributed. When we are seated in a basic office chair our hips are often straining with the weight of our legs not being supported properly. 

Many ergonomic chairs such as our R1 Fully Adjustable Ergonomic Office Chair feature seat slide which gives the user deeper or shallower seat surface area. This will in turn give their thighs adequate support taking the hanging pressure off the hips.


5. Movement – Active Sitting

We have previously mentioned that remaining in a seated position for prolonged periods of time is not necessarily healthy. You may be thinking that’s all very well, but how am I supposed to move when I’m expected to work? Well, the answer is in the way you sit. 

Sitting is not necessarily the culprit of all back discomfort and other ailments, but sitting in restrictive or constrained posture for too long is. It is for this reason that ‘Active Sitting’ is now a recognised term in the modern workplace and not another buzz word or fad. 

Active sitting occurs when seating allows or encourages the seated occupant to be active even whilst seated. Also referred to as dynamic sitting, the concept is that flexibility and movement while seated can be beneficial for the human body and make some seated tasks easier to perform. 

Have you seen our BG64B / BG71 Fully Adjustable Reclinable Ergonomic Office Chair? It has been inspired by Inspired by the wings of a flying bird, the unique swing feature increases its flexibility to respond to your back while keeping its balance. The chair is great in helping you break out of the sedentary work style by adding more dynamic for the office elites at work.


6. Improved Blood Circulation 

One of the main indications of poor blood circulation in your legs is cramping. This happens if there is too much weight straining on your legs. It also happens when you sit on a bad chair that has its seat pressing against the back of your knees. If you sit for long hours especially on an office chair without leg support, your blood circulation is hindered.

7. Optimum Safety 

Ergonomic chairs are designed to withstand users adjusting them more frequently than other office chairs. It is for this reason that they go through some rigorous testing during the development stage.

To comply with these international benchmarks, ergonomic chairs are lab tested for Backrest Strength, Base Test, Drop Test, Swivel Test, Stability Test, Gas Cylinder and so on. Basically, you shouldn’t be worried about the safety or longevity of an ergonomic office chair.

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