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V1 Fully Adjustable Ergonomic Office Chair

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V1 ergonomic chair is fully adjustable to promote better posture, reduce physical pain and potential health problems which is an increasing threat to students and working adults now. The reclining backrest and retractable footrest allow you to rest and relax after a strenuous meeting to rejuvenate for increasing efficiency.


Product Details


Floor to seat: 48cm-56cm (adjustable)
Armrest to armrest: 65cm
Seat to armrest height: 21-31cm
Seat width: 53cm
Seat depth: 52cm
Backrest height: 58-64cm
Backrest to headrest: 19-24cm (adjustable)

Overall height: 122-130cm
Overall depth: 72cm
Overall width: 72cm


1. Adjustable Backrest (Up to 6cm)
2. 90 to 130 Degrees Reclining Backrest (Lockable)
3. 4D Armrest
4. Adjustable Head Support
5. Adjustable Chair Height
6. Aluminum Alloy Chair Leg
7. Adjustable Lumbar Support (In All Directions)
8. Footrest