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Maxima Height Adjustable Gaming Desk

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Ergonomic Chair

Maxima has an ergonomic curve and carbon fibre texture that provides more comfort to users. Unlike other adjustable tables, Maxima has attached corner guards to minimise the risk of injuries or damage to the table.

Product Details

Height Range: 75.5-125.5cm
Maximum Load Capacity: 70kg
Dimensions:1.2m (L) x 60cm (D)
Speed: 25mm/s
Surface Finishing: Carbon Fiber
Material: Compressed Wood
Grommet Hole: None


2-Button Controller
Maxima comes with an intuitive 2-button controller. The sensitivity of the button allows the table to be adjusted easily. Holding the button for a second allows it to automatically adjust to your desired height quickly.

Anti-Collision Feature
The anti-collision feature allows the table to retract towards the opposite direction when it has sensed an object obstructing its movements. It helps to prevent any injuries or damage to items.

Carbon Fibre Textured Surface & Corner Guard
Carbon fibre is stress-resistant, strong and durable. It reduces wear-and-tear of the table after long periods of usage. A specially added corner guard protects individuals from injuries which is prone to table corners.

Ergonomic Curve
The ergonomic curve provides the best standing experience for users. It allows users to rest their arms comfortably on the table to increase their productivity.