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M16 Basic Office Ergonomic Chair

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Head Support

M16 has a reclining backrest of 90° to 120°. Its ergonomic adjustable lumbar support promotes better posture and work efficiency. The increased comfort it provides reduces the risk of health problems that may arise from bad sitting posture.

Product Details

Floor to seat: 38-49cm (adjustable)
Armrest to armrest: 60cm
Seat to armrest height: 20cm
Seat width: 53cm
Seat depth: 51cm
Backrest height: 55cm
Backrest to headrest: 15-23cm (adjustable)

Overall height: 93-104cm
Overall depth: 56cm
Overall width: 66cm


1. 90 to 120 Degrees Reclining Backrest
2. Adjustable Lumbar Support (In All Directions)
3. Non-Adjustable Nylon Armrest
4. Steel Chair Leg with PU Scratch-Resistant Wheels
5. Cotton Mesh Headrest