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Hawaii Advanced Height Adjustable Table

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A 3-tiered leg ergonomic height adjustable table that provides extensive height and stability to the user. This height-adjustable memory preset feature helps you to seamlessly switch between sitting and standing. Frequent changes in body positions help reduce physical and mental stress so you can stay engaged, energetic, and participative at work.

Product Details

Height Range: 63-130cm

Maximum Load Capacity:100kg

1.2m (L) x 60cm (D)
1.4m (L) x 60cm (D)

Speed: 30-38mm/s

Material: Compressed Wood

Grommet Hole: None


Anti-Collision Feature

The anti-collision feature allows the table to retract towards the opposite direction when it detects an object obstructing its movements. It helps to prevent any injuries or damage to items.

Dual Motor System

A dual motor system provides stability and sturdiness to the table when it is being lifted. Hawaii can hold up to at least 100kg.

 Memory Preset Controller

The memory preset controllers allow users to save 3 positions of desired heights. This allows for seamless transitions for users who work in both sit and stand positions or families who are sharing desks to easily change height for the different users. You can adjust the table to your preset height with a simple press of a button.

3-Tiered Leg

The 3-tiered leg ergonomic height adjustable table provides an extensive height of up to 1.3m and extra stability to the user.