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Golden Promise Height Adjustable Memory Preset Desk with Drawer, USB Charging and Child Lock

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Ergonomic Chairs
An ergonomic height-adjustable table with a storage drawer and built-in USB ports that helps to improve your workspace. The built-in USB reduces the hassle of placing the desk near power points or the possible clutter from using extension ports.

The table also includes a child-lock feature and an anti-collision system that prevents the desk from colliding with objects underneath the table.

Product Details

Height Range: 72-121cm
Maximum Load Capacity: 50kg
Dimension: 1.2m (L) x 60cm (D)
Speed: 25mm/s
Material: Compressed Wood
Grommet Hole: None


Anti-Collision Feature
The anti-collision feature allows the table to retract towards the opposite direction when it detects an object obstructing its movements. This feature helps to prevent any possible injuries or damage to items.

Storage Drawer
The built-in storage drawer gives users a compartment to store items such as stationaries.

Memory Preset Controller 
This allow users to save 4 positions of desired heights. It ensures seamless transitions for users to easily adjust height to your preset height with a simple press of a button.

Integrated USB Output Ports
It also comes with 2 USB-A and 1 USB-C port that allow users to charge multiple devices simultaneously. 

Child-Lock Feature
The unique child-lock feature helps to ensure that children are safe around the desk. Activating the lock would ensure that no adjustment would be made unintentionally by children in the house.