Traditional Chair VS Ergonomic Chair

Traditional Chair VS Ergonomic Chair

"Is it really necessary for us to spend several hundred of dollars just on a simple office chair?"

Sitting in the wrong office chair can cause major health issues for you. A good chair can help you to improve your posture, reduce unnecessary back pains, and reduce hip pressure.

A traditional chair is able to provide the basic function of sitting, it is probably sufficient for a short period of sitting. However, for most of the office workers or people who work from home, we spend at least 9 hours sitting in our office chairs. A traditional basic function chair might not be sufficient.

In fact, it might actually be the cause of bad posture and cause pain in neck and shoulder as well as the bone deformation. Unsupported or bad posture would likely cause irreversible damage to body, which might affect to our lifestyle and long term health.


Ergonomic chairs provides sufficient support for your lumbar and back. It is also commonly equipped with adjustable armrests that allows for just the right support for your elbow and wrists. An adjustable headrest also ensures good support for your head and neck. All those functions aim to reduce the potential health risk caused by long time working as well as wrong sitting position.

Although, you can easily find a basic traditional chair at around $50, it isn't wise to risk irreversible injuries to your back and neck just because you want to save a little on your office chair. We offer affordable ergonomic chairs from $165, save your back without breaking your bank. Check out our office chairs here.


If you are an office staff or require sitting down continuously for several hours, I suggest you to choose a special designed ergonomic office chair for more healthy and comfortable experience.

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