How to Easily Increase your Daily Standing Duration?

How to Easily Increase your Daily Standing Duration?

How to easily increase your daily standing duration?

The easiest part is to say, “I need to stand more often”. The harder part is to actually go and build the habits that will increase the amount of movement and standing period you have in your life.

Change can be hard initially, but it can be done and improved over time.


1. Create a simple walking routine

One way is to create a simple walking routine to build into your lifestyle. Start small, begin with just a simple 10 minutes walks daily for the first 1 or 2 weeks. Slowly increase your walk by 5 minutes every week as you increase your stamina. You can also increase the intensity of your walk by adding uphill or downhill and stair-climbing to your regular walks. A change in environment might also help you keep the experience fresh. Consider walks by the beach as the sand by the beach would increase your intensity level. 

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2. Improve your workspace with a height adjustable desk

Convenience can often times help us to establish and maintain new habits. Another way to increase your daily standing time is to get a desk that makes working while standing easy. A height adjustable desk can easily help you to build that habit. These desks easily convert between standing and sitting. Making it easier for you to convert standing up to work and sitting down to work. It also allows you to easily switch between the  to stand up and work for a few minutes before lowering the desk and returning to work as normal.

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3. Treadmills

Walking on treadmills are also a great way to exercise without exposing yourself to fluctuating weather conditions or sacrificing work time. You can do it even late at night.

Many treadmills also comes with built-in features that entertain and makes working our more fun. Many allows you to watch shows or follow along with a class. You can also consider subscribing to workout programs that have plenty of guided walks that can take you through several different parts of the world virtually.

Regularly walking on a treadmill will also help to improve your balance over time. With improved balance, you’re less likely to fall and hurt yourself, and you’ll keep your bones strong and healthy.

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